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Trying Japanese sweets – Glico Giant Caplico

Continue reading “Trying Japanese sweets – Glico Giant Caplico”


Recipe: Matcha Pound cake

I absolutely love matcha in sweets: cookie, cake, icecream, milkshake… I therefore experimented with a matcha pound cake recipe. Here is the current version: Continue reading “Recipe: Matcha Pound cake”

Karakasa Lantern Festival (Tsuchiura) からかさ万灯

Today, I visited the Karakasa Lantern Festival (からかさ万灯 – karakasamando) at Washi shrine in Tsuchiura. Continue reading “Karakasa Lantern Festival (Tsuchiura) からかさ万灯”


Tsukuba Flower Park (フラワーパーク)

On a weekend in June, I visited the Flower Park in Ishioka. Continue reading “Tsukuba Flower Park (フラワーパーク)”


Fujisawa Rose Garden

Visiting a private rose garden in Tsukuba. Continue reading “Fujisawa Rose Garden”


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