On a Saturday in autumn,  the sun shone brightly, the sky was blue and it was quite warm, so I spontaneously decided to have a quick walk through the Tsukuba Botanical Garden.

The botanical garden is easily accessible from Higashi Odori. When I arrived there around 1 pm, there were still a few parking spaces left.

The entrance fee was 300 yen, an english map of the garden was available. The botanical garden covers approximately 14 ha and is divided into several sections, such as the “Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest Section” or the “Temperate Coniferous Forest Section”. I came mostly to enjoy the autumn foliage, this is why I passed rather quickly through some areas. Close to the pond, I found some beautifully colored trees.

There are three greenhouses, which are worth a visit. However, in two of them, the humidity is so high that it feels difficult to breath. Furthermore, I felt cold outside after the hot and humid climate in the greenhouse.

The information tables in the botanic garden are written in Japanese only (if you don’t count the latin name of the plant species). Those who are not able to read kanji can therefore only enjoy the sights of the plants.

Here are some impressions of my walk in the botanic garden:

Address: 〒305-0005 茨城県つくば市天久保4-1-1

How to get there: Car, or bycicle if you live close to Tsukuba center

How far from Tsukuba: ~5 min from the center by car, maybe ~10 min by bicycle

Who should visit? I recommend this park to people who live in Tsukuba. I went there mainly for the autumn foliage, I don’t know if the park is also nice in the other seasons. The visit should take about 2 hours.

website: http://www.tbg.kahaku.go.jp/english/

Did you go to the botanic garden already? What did you like? In what season did you visit?