In Japanese stores, many products change according to the seasons. Greeting cards are among them, of course, and in this post, I want to show some summer greeting cards.

07_4_summer-cardsIf you think of summer in Japan, “heat” will be certainly among the first things which will pop into your mind. Summer in Japan is hot! So no wonder that some greeting cards have the form of a fan. The one on the picture below is made of wood and paper. It is a bit small for being really used, though.

07_5_summer-cardsThe sign on the left fan, in the picture on top of the article, means ‘ice’ and can be seen on kakigoori (shaved ice) stands.

Another funny card is the origami card below. When it is openend, a pig with a big O-formed mouth appears. I guess it represents the ceramic pig for burning incense, which can be seen sometimes in temples or houses. The incense has spiral shape and, when burned, keeps moscitos away.

Other summer card themes are koi carps and fireworks. Especially the fireworks cards can be very elaborate.

Where to buy:

  • LOFT, located on the 3rd floor of Qt in Tsukuba center
  • The stationary shop in LaLaGarden has sometimes nice cards, too
  • Book Store in IIAS shopping mall (Kenkyuugakuen)

I guess you can find many, many more cards in Tokyo, but I never had the time to look there for greeting cards.

Do you send greeting cards? How do you like the special designs for summer? Where do you buy greeting cards?