What to do against humidity in the closet?Shortly after my arrival in Japan, a local warned me that summer in Tsukuba is very humid and that I should be aware of mold. I never had that problem in the places I lived previously, so this warning made me think to take precautions when the rainy season approached. I also asked other expats about their experience involving mold and someone suggested me dehumidifier boxes.

06_1_dehumidifierThese “dehumidifiers” are plastic cases composed of two compartments. The upper one contains calcium chloride grains and the lower one is empty. The grains attract the humidity which is then “trapped” in the lower compartment. These boxes are sold in drugstores and in 100 yen shops, so they are not very expensive.

Usage is very simple: After opening the plastic wrapping, take the plastic lid off, pull off the aluminum foil, put the platic lid on top again and place the box into your wardrobe (or wherever you want to trap humidity). After around 4 weeks, the lower compartment is full of water and the box should be thrown away.

Pull of the foil and the box is ready to use.

There are also little bags or smaller versions of the box which trap the humidity. You can also find electric dehumidifiers, maybe there are effective when humidity is really high in your apartment. Furthermore, the apartment and the closet should be aired regularly. As for me, I left my balcony window open 24/24 and did not close my wardrobe doors.

This is how a used box looks like – yuck!

Luckily, I did not get mold into my wardrope this summer. I don’t know if it was thanks to the dehumidifiers only, but I plan using them again next year.

Did you use these dehumidifiers? What is your method against mold?