In Japan, people cherish the caracteristics of every season. Be it nature sights (f. ex. cherryblossom), fests, special food, recipes, postcards, you can enjoy them only at a certain time. In this post, I show some autumn themed drink and food I discovered recently in the supermarket.

Apple and nashi (japanese pear) Chuhai (Suntory)

05_09_taste-autumnChuhai (チューハイ) is an alcoholic drink made of shochu and flavored carbonated water. These special autumn editions use apparently apple (left) and nashi (right). The design is adapted to the flavor, the apple can is decorated with red momiji leaves, whereas yellow ginko leaves are depicted on the nashi drink. The plant images on the bottom refer maybe to pampas grass, which also bloom in September-October.

Among these two, I prefered the apple flavored chuhai. I bought this drink in September, they can be found in Eon and Kasumi, for example.

Autumn beer (Suntory)


Another alcoholic drink, this time it is autumn beer. When I bought it, I could not read the kanji of the name, but the picture clearly referes to autumn, again showing red momiji leaves (remember the apple chuhai from before). I checked a dictionary and translated the title 贅沢(ぜいたく), it means “autumn luxury” or “autumn extravagance” – what a name for a beer! I could not taste anything special though, but I am not a specialist for beer. It was rather mild, so quite easy to drink, even for people like me who do not drink beer very often.

 Chestnut cake (Morinaga)

05_01_taste-autumnAfter alcohol, I show you another healthy (lol) product: chestnut pie, an autumn version of the choco pie. The latter is one of the few japanese cookies/cakes which satisfy my craving for sweets. Most japanese sweets contain only a hint of sugar, but the choco pie is quite OK. So this is the autumn version with chestnut flavor. As you can see, the box is already opened, I could not wait to take pictures before eating the first one.


The chestnut flavor is not very intensive, but I like the cake nonetheless. I cut the cake in half to take the picture below, so you can see the chestnut flavored cream.


Some notes about  the name of the cake: The second kanji (栗 – くり) means chestnut, the first one (和) is often used for saying “Japanese Style”, as f. ex. japanese food (和食) or japanese style room (和室). So 和栗ケーキ could be maybe translated as “Japanese style chestnut” cake. I did not find any dictionary entry for that word, so I am not sure. But a co-worker confirmed that “wakuri” means Japanese chestnut. I also do not know if Japanese chestnut tastes differently than f.ex. French chestnut.

Did you try any of these things? What other typical autumn products did you find in the supermarket?