The autumn foliage is undoubtedly stunning in Japan. Leaves turn their color to flaming red, deep orange or bright yellow. Excursions to enjoy “kouyou” is part of the autumn activities of many Japanese. Kyoto f.ex. is among the top destinations, the city is flodded with kouyou tourists.

This year, I could unfortunately not make a longer travel to enjoy the autumn colors. Therefore, I concentrated on local destinations. One of the places to see kouyou in Tsukuba is the Ginko Alley at AIST. AIST is a research institute situated in the south part of Tsukuba, the main entrance is on Higashi Odori. Soon after passing the main entrance, the ginko street opens to the visitor.

I went there on a Sunday afternoon. Besides me, there were some other visitors taking pictures of the foliage or kids playing with the fallen leaves on the ground. Fortunately, the ginko fruits, which have a quite repugnant smell, did not stink (yet?).

Address: 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba 305-8561, Japan

How to get there: I’d recommend by bycycle. I guess you need a permit to enter with a car, and I am not sure if you get a permit just for looking at the trees.

How far from Tsukuba: ~20 min by bicycle from Tsukuba center

Who should visit? I recommend this park to Tsukuba residents who want to enjoy autumn colors

Have you seen the ginko trees at AIST? Which other places can you recommend for kouyou?