Visiting a private rose garden in Tsukuba.

Earlier this week, I read a blog entry in the Alien Times about the Fujisawa Rose Garden (link). According to the article, the Fujisawas are an influencal family in Tsukuba, who, about ten years ago, opened a rose garden to the public. Until now, I had never heard of that garden, so I was surprised and delighted to get another opportunity of sightseeing without having to travel.

Apart from the text in the Tsuku-Blog, I could not find any information in English. It seems therefore not to be be a well known destination. It is located east of Tsukuba center, about 10 minutes by car or 20-25 min by bike. The district is called Furuku (古来), a residential area close to road which leads to Tsuchiura.

I took my bike to go to the garden and used google map to orient myself. Usually, google map is not very precise in Japan, so I wondered if I would really find the place. However, my concern was ungrounded, because the blooming roses can be seen easily from the street. The flowers grow through the fence and form a thick, colored hedge.

The carden can be easily seen from the street

The area of the garden has the shape of a “V”, limited by both sides from roads. When I arrived, I saw many people walking towards the garden. They either came on foot or by car. Some gravel fields in the vicinity seem to be used as parking spot.

The garden is charming, there are many different varieties of roses and also some other flowers. Small paths meander through the garden, leading past small pavilions, where visitors can sit and enjoy the scenery, and going through rose archways. The arrangement of the flowers is “natural”, it looks as if someone just started planting many, many flowers in a small area.

The paths lead through rose archeries.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, the garden was well visited. Many people walked on the paths, took pictures or had a rest on the benches. However, it did not feel overcrowded.

Below are some of the pictures I took during my visit.

Would you be interested in visiting the rose garden or have you already visited this place? How did you like it? Do you know other “unknown” sightseeing spots in Tsukuba?

Address: 茨城県つくば市古来458 (458 Furuku Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 305-0021)

How to get there: by car (~10 min from Tsukuba center) or by bike (~25 min)

Who should visit? I recommend this park to Tsukuba residents who have around one hour spare time on a sunny day.

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