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Autumn flavors – 秋の味

In Japan, people cherish the caracteristics of every season. Be it nature sights (f. ex. cherryblossom), fests, special food, recipes, postcards, you can enjoy them only at a certain time. In this post, I show some autumn themed drink and food I discovered recently in the supermarket. Continue reading “Autumn flavors – 秋の味”


Summer: Dehumidifier boxes

What to do against humidity in the closet? Continue reading “Summer: Dehumidifier boxes”

Japan four seasons: Summer greeting cards

In Japanese stores, many products change according to the seasons. Greeting cards are among them, of course, and in this post, I want to show some summer greeting cards. Continue reading “Japan four seasons: Summer greeting cards”

Ueno Park and Zoo

On a weekend, I had a whole day to spent in Tokyo. However, I was unsure where to go: I did not feel like shopping or to browse a museum, and I was too lazy to look into my guidebook and do some research what to visit. Finally I decided to go to Ueno park, Continue reading “Ueno Park and Zoo”

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