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Fujisawa Rose Garden

Visiting a private rose garden in Tsukuba. Continue reading “Fujisawa Rose Garden”


Hinamatsuri in Makabe

On a Sunday in February, I went to the Hinamatsuri in Makabe, a village located north of Tsukuba. Continue reading “Hinamatsuri in Makabe”

Autumn: Yellow ginko leaves at AIST

The autumn foliage is undoubtedly stunning in Japan. Leaves turn their color to flaming red, deep orange or bright yellow. Excursions to enjoy “kouyou” is part of the autumn activities of many Japanese. Kyoto f.ex. is among the top destinations, the city is flodded with kouyou tourists. Continue reading “Autumn: Yellow ginko leaves at AIST”

Warp Station Edo – time travel into the Edo period

On a nice September Sunday, I went out to visit “Warp Station Edo” in Tsukubamirai. Continue reading “Warp Station Edo – time travel into the Edo period”

Tsukuba botanical garden

On a Saturday in autumn,  the sun shone brightly, the sky was blue and it was quite warm, so I spontaneously decided to have a quick walk through the Tsukuba Botanical Garden. Continue reading “Tsukuba botanical garden”

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